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Acellular Type II collagen scaffold

Numerous therapies including surgical procedures have been suggested and tried over many decades to treat damage to knee articular cartilage with the aim of restoring the tissue as closely as possible to the original cartilage. However, no methods to date have been able to completely match the properties of normal, healthy cartilage. There are various therapy options for treating cartilage lesions including Debridement, Microfracture, Removal of Loose Foreign Bodies, Drilling of Osteochondral Dissecans Lesion, Autologous Chondroctye Implantation, Scaffolds and Osteochondral Autografts and Osteochondral Allografts. Interestingly there is no proven ‘Standard of Care’ for cartilage defect repair, and so there is an opportunity for an effective product with supporting clinical data to become the accepted clinical practice for cartilage repair.

Altach is developing a portfolio of biomimetic cartilage scaffolds utilising Type II collagen which is the building block of native cartilage. The scaffolds are designed to be used stand alone and in conjunction with other cell based therapies. The implants unique composition create a matrix for the patient’s own cells to migrate into and regenerate the cartilage. Altach’s solutions will allow surgeons to treat both focal cartilage defects as well as osteochondral defects.