At Altach our goal is to become the gold standard in regenerative cartilage technology. We are building a portfolio of biomimetic cartilage grafts allowing surgeons to repair cartilage defects and restore patient’s quality of life.


Untreated, cartilage defects can lead to osteoarthritis which affects 1 in 4 adults. To prevent this over 600,000 cartilage repair procedures are performed annually in the US. Unfortunately, many of the currently available solutions do not provide satisfactory long-term outcomes, result in a low quality cartilage repair, require multiple procedures, or are prohibitively expensive.


Altach is developing a portfolio of biomimetic cartilage scaffolds utilising Type II collagen which is the building block of native cartilage. The scaffolds are designed to be used stand alone and in conjunction with other cell based therapies. The implants unique composition create a matrix for the patient’s own cells to migrate into and regenerate the cartilage.